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Gata Dispatches:" Change you can believe in - if you're an investment bank"

Submitted by cpowell on 06:35PM ET Wednesday, April 29, 2009. Section: Daily Dispatches The accursed power which stands on Privilege(And goes with Women, and Champagne, and Bridge)Broke -- and Democracy resumed her reign(Which goes with Bridge, and Women, and Champagne).-- Hilaire Belloc, "On a General Election."* * *Goldman Sachs Hires Former Frank Aide to Run Washington OfficeBy Chris, Arlington, VirginiaThursday, April 23, 2009 Goldman Sachs is finalizing a deal to hire Michael Paese to head its Washington office, according to lobbying and company insiders. Paese, now the executive vice president of global advocacy for the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, is viewed as "the capstone in an effort to reformulate the Washington office," said a company insider. Paese is a big-name Democrat with deep industry ties and an inside Washington game who had worked for House Financia

FORA T.V. Innovation and Opportunity from crisis

FORA T.V. : "THE WORLD IS THINKING " This is an extraordinary video on a conversation of distinguished personalies- Paul Saffo, Richard Drae,Jonathan wolfson and Drew Endy, about the roots of the crisis and the viability of policies to get out of it. To wiew it click HERE

Howard Miller Reports From Global Bullion Trading Group

Economy in U.S. Shrank at 6.1% Rate in First Quarter April 29 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. economy plunged again in the first quarter, capping its worst performance in five decades, reflecting a record slump in inventories and further declines in housing. Gross domestic product dropped at a 6.1 percent annual pace, more than forecast, after contracting at a 6.3 percent rate in the last three months of 2008, the Commerce Department said today in Washington. The report, which marked the weakest six months since 1957-58, comes as Federal Reserve policy makers meet for a second day. Smaller stockpiles may set the stage for a return to growth in the second half of the year amid signs Fed efforts to reduce borrowing costs and unclog lending are starting to pay off. The recession persisted even as lower gasoline prices and larger tax refunds helped bring an end to the worst slump in consumer spending in almost three decades. “This is one of those good-bad numbers,” Joel Naroff, president of Naroff Alerts: "Americas Most Reputable Companies"

The Reputation Institute just released its annual survey that determines the nation's most respected companies. Google is no longer on top. To read full story , click HERE

BBC NEWS: "Germany Slashes Growth Forecast"

The German government predicts its economy will shrink by 6% this year, dramtically downgrading its previous forecast. ... To read full coverage of this report, click HERE

THE EWI INDEPENDENT: Municipal Bonds Another Save-Haven

According to the mainstream experts, all bonds are NOT created equal. There is debt, and then there is government-backed debt. And never the twain shall meet. So, when all asset-backed forms of credit were pulled under by the financial tsunami, the general consensus was to keep moving to higher ground. And don't stop until you hit the Municipal Bond market... To read full coverage of this report, click HERE

Howard Miller Reports From Global Bullion NET:

Good afternoon everyone, The metals ended the trading day broadly lower for the reasons discussed this morning, but also in the aftermath of better than expected U.S. economic data and anxiety over tomorrow's Fed interest rate decision....While rates are not expected to change; traders stepped to the sidelines just in case the Fed gives us another big monetary surprise like the last meeting.......As a result..Silver lost 46 cents to $12.50......Gold was down $13.00 to end the New York trading day at $894.00.....Palladium finished at $219.00 down $9.00......Platinum fell by $47.00 to $1093.00.....Volume was moderate ......Crude Oil recovered some of it's early session losses after Consumer Confidence clocked in at a much better than expected level of 39.2....The Street expected to see a reading of only 29.9.....Crude recovered to $49.26 off only 88 cents per barrel....Swine Flu continued to dominate thinking.......Today's other report; the Case Shiller Home Price Index showe

Gata Dispatches: " J.S. Kim.- Central Banks are full disinformation on Gold"

Submitted by cpowell on 05:53AM ET Tuesday, April 28, 2009. Section: Daily Dispatches 8:48a ET Tuesday, April 28, 2009Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:In commentary posted today at Seeking Alpha, market analyst J.S. Kim, editor of the SmartKnowledgeU investment letter, notes the disinformation distributed about gold by central banks. Kim speculates that China's announcement last week that it has accumulated 1,054 tonnes of gold reserves is disinformation too -- that China actually has accumulated much more gold than that. Kim's commentary is headlined "World Gold Markets: How Lack of Transparency Translates into Poor Analysis" and you can find it at Seeking Alpha here: ...CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/TreasurerGold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc. * * *Help keep GATA goingGATA is a civil rights and educational organization based in the United States and tax-exempt under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Its Alerts:"Final Glance: Finance companies"

AP associated Press .-Shares of some top finance companies were down at the close of trading: To read full coverage of information, click HERE Alerts:How to rescue Capitalism

Credit analyst Janet Tavakoli explores the roots of the financial crisis and calls for investigations, prosecutions and regulation . To read full coverage of this storey, Click HERE Alerts:"Reports: Sumitomo likely to buy Japan Citigroup"

Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc. has emerged as the most likely candidate to buy Citigroup Inc.'s Japanese brokerage unit after offering the highest bid worth $5 billion, reports said Saturday. Toread full report, click HERE

From the Desk of Nick Nicolaas: "Adam Hamilton Newsletter"

Our Friend Nick Nicollas sent us the following e-mail Dear Friends, Adam Hamilton has posted his weekly Zeal Intelligence Newsletter on the Mining Interactive Website. Click here: Have a great weekend and - - - Stay Tuned!! Regards, Nick L. Nicolaas Mining Interactive “Ahead of the Pack” Suite 500 - Park Place666 Burrard StreetVancouver BCCanada V6C 3P6 e-mail: Tel: +1 (604) 657-4058Fax: +1 (604) 685-1631

Roger Conrad's Utility Forecaster

The Leverage Crisis Revisited: April 17, 2009-->By Roger S. Conrad to read full article, click HERE Alerts:" Markets Brief"

Treasury: Banks Need More Capital Carl Gutierrez , 04.24.09, 02:40 PM EDT Banks are stressed about their tests but the markets are holding up fine. For full coverage click Here

Howard Miller's Report: From Global Bullion Trading Group:

This is the trancripts of Howard Miller at the close of the Bullion Markets Good afternoon everyone, Silver and Gold finished the day and week on a strong note aided by today's sagging Dollar.....Silver was up 15 cents at $12.90......Gold gained $9.00 to $911.00.....Palladium closed with a gain of $1.00 at $235.00.....Platinum slipped $2.00 ending the day at $1181.00.....Volume was light and orderly.......Over in the currencies the Euro kept it's head of steam against the Dollar for reasons mentioned this morning.....Last on the Euro $1.3259 up 1.82 cents against our Greenback....Traders continue to anxiously await for news out of the G7 meeting......Crude oil rallied 1.82 per barrel on today's strong than expected stock market and for technical trading reasons.....Last on Oil $51.41......As for the Dow; it's up 121 points with financial stocks surprisingly stable in advance of today's bank stress test data....Better than expected U.S. economic data also helped t

Howard Miller's Report: From Global Bullion Trading Group:

Good morning everyone, Gold is trading $8.00 higher this morning on nervousness over today's G-7 meeting in Washington.....The group of 7 largest industrialized nations will be discussing the future of the Dollar as the main global currency....China has already made it clear that it intends to reduce exposure to our Greenback....Adding pressure on the Dollar is the looming specter of the U.S. bank stress tests.......As a result we have the Euro surging by 1.71 U.S cents to $1.3248.....Gold jumped to $910.00.....The other metals are steady with Silver up 2 cents at $12.77......Palladium and Platinum have both edged up $1.00 to $235.00 and $1184.00 respectively.....In energy trading we find Oil changing hands 53 cents higher at $50.15 per barrel....Traders will keep a wary eye on Crude now that it once again broken through the psychological $50 level......U.S. stocks ended the day up 70 Dow points and appears to be headed for a 32 point higher open today.....Traders are viewing today Alerts: "Labor Department of Statistics urges lower unemplyment fees"

AP Associated Press.- The U.S. Department of Labor will launch a national education program to help jobless workers avoid fees while collecting unemployment benefits through bank-issued debit cards. To read full coverage of this information, click HERE

From the Desk of Nick Nicolaas:! Mining Interactive Announcement"

Please find below an announcement of our friend Nick Nicolaas Mining Interactive is pleased to announce the newest addition to our Client Companies: Oremex Resources Inc. TSXv - ORM; Frankfurt – OSI (WKN# A0B 9GN); Pinksheets – ORXRF Developing Silver Resources in Mexico Share Information - as April 17, 2009•Shares Issued and Outstanding 50,39 million•Options Outstanding 4.84 Million•Warrants Outstanding 6.60 million•Fully Diluted 61.84 million•Last Trade $ 0.12 (April 17, 2009)•Quoted Market Value $6.04 million. Oremex Resources Inc. is a Vancouver based Resource Company actively developing two of its six silver mineral properties in the State of Durango, Mexico. The “Tejamen” project is Oremex's most advanced project. Oremex has 100% ownership of Tejamen. The Mexico head office is located at Nuevo Ideal in the State of Durango – a community near Tejamen. Oremex received two NI 43-101 compliant Reports in April & October 2006. The Reports indicate that the Tejamen p Alerts: "Another Chinese Fib: 6.1% Growth"

Another Chinese Fib: 6.1% Growth. On the economy, Beijing fakes the facts. To read full story , click HERE Global Perspective Glogal Perspective Brings us the following information: - Pandit pledges to stay on at Citi - Tesco annual profits top £3bn - Bank cutbacks aid hedge funds .... and much more. To read full coverage of these news, click HERE

From The Desk Of Nick Nicolaas:"(FDNN) Alert 58

. I am very sorry for the delay of the information our friend Nick Nicolaas sent us, but I had problems with my system. FGC BOLSA, Fernando Guzmán Cavero April 21, 2009 Post Mortem Examination #1 Martin Armstrong's Turnaround Date of April 20, 2009(Please note: Armstrong's Economic Model acts like an indicator, not a market timing device) The worst of the Banking Crisis is NOT overandYou've got to be in Hard-Assets - - - to win It!! Yesterday's numbers at the close: DJIA7,841.73-289.60-3.56%Nasdaq1,608.21-64.86-3.88%S&P 500832.39-37.21-4.28%Global Dow1,442.12+0.46+0.03%Dow Utilities328.39-4.48-1.35%NYSE5,220.12-260.48-4.75%AMEX1,355.87-38.79-2.78%Russell 2000452.49-26.88-5.61%Semcond240.19-14.62-5.74%Gold future887.50+19.60+2.26%30-Year Bond3.69%-0.10-2.59%10-Year Bond2.84%-0.09-2.97% Dear Friends: These are pretty big negative numbers across the board on a day where most of the technical pundits called for the Dow and S&P to be up and to expect selling i

Investor Guide Stock Of The Day:New York Times Reports 74.5 Million Loss"

Investors Guide Stock of the Day informs a loss of 74.5 million in the unespected report of the New York Times. To read full coverage of this report click HERE

Today's Crisis is a Photograh of 29: By Fernando Guzmán Cavero

Today’s Crisis is a Photograph of the crash of 29: By Fernando Guzmán Cavero Why of the current economic and financial crisis? The crash in the global economy is now mired, without having a clear picture of the magnitude of the consequences, whose roots are exactly the same as the crisis of 29: the lack of state real control to avoid designed schemes to inflate the prices of securities listed in the New York Stock Exchange,plus a lack of supervision of commercial banks credit among others. Since that experience, the USA started to search an answer to explain the crisis and began to re-think about the limits the free enterprise economic system should have. Something must be done to prevent abuses the imperfect markets have, was one voice; and mostly heard from those responsible of the development of the crisis. The following step was to begin establishing a series of controlling norms with the purpose prevent that few astute and powerful persons do not profit of thousands of thousands :" global Prespective"

From To read full commentary click HERE Alerts: "Flood of earnings will test market's 6-week run"

AP Associated Press :An intense week of earnings reports will tell whether Wall Street can extend its rally to a seventh week - or see its gains pop like a bubble . to read full story , click HERE

From The Desk Of Nick Nicolaas: "FDNN #72 - Copper Standard World Currency and Buying Hard-Assets Now"

Some Friday afternoon thoughts from FDNN China and Buying Hard-Assets??? Dear Friends: Now that the Chinese are using their hoard of US Treasury Bills to buy, according to the London Daily Telegraph dated April 15, 2009 *, and hoard the metals instead and thus are cornering the commodity metals market I wonder what the manipulative effect will be on the rest of the world economies. Perhaps this may potentially and eventually to be no different than the Hunt bothers scenario? It probably will be that “those that have the metals control the world-economy”. Watch out USA, your excessive issuing of treasury bills, that you thought was only worthless paper, to the rest of the world may now come to bite you in the posterior. Wait for the rest of the world economies to wake up and convert that worthless paper into Hard-Assets and stockpile them as well. * London, April 15, 2009Excerpts from the Daily Telegraph China's State Reserves Bureau (SRB) has instead been buying copper and o

FGC BOLSA :Two Forbes Alerts to Think

A few minutes ago we recieved two forbes alerts wich, tell us the contradictory stcck gains and the reality of the crisis. On one side Forbes brought us the after hours market update under the title of " Dow gains continue " at 8:02 p.m. At 9:06 another alert tells now regulators shut down two more banks , boosting the number of this year banks failures to all last year's failures FGC BOLSA

From The Desk Of Nick Nicolaas: "Adam Hamilton e-letter"

Our friend Nick Nicolaas sent us the following email about Adam Hamilton weekly e-letter: Dear Friends: Adam Hamilton has posted his weekly Zeal Intelligence eLetter on the Mining Interactive Website and for those of you that do not have the time to read it all I have taken out some paragraphs which we feel are a must read for those that are in pain from the losses they may have incurred since last year and are now scared to get back into the market. We too had losses and feel your pain. Some of those losses we took in order to have some cash on hand but mostly our losses were on paper. We now will use our cash this summer to average down on some of our paper losses, especially in the hard-assets e.g. gold, silver, Uranium, Base metals, Oil & Gas. In any event this is no time to turn Ostrich! Adam Hamilton: “And those who face these tough times head-on, learning and growing, have a vastly higher probability of emerging successful than the cowering Ostrich Investors. At Zeal, we

GATA Dispatches: "William Pesek; China isn't the only currency manipulator"

Submitted by cpowell on 06:51PM ET Thursday, April 16, 2009. Section: Daily Dispatches Geithner's Biggest Problem is Dollar, Not ChinaBy William PesekBloomberg NewsFriday, April 17, 2009 ...It's a bit rich for U.S. politicians to berate Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner for not labeling China as a currency manipulator. Perhaps Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, hasn't seen a newspaper in the last 12 months. With near-zero interest rates, the likely issuance of trillions of dollars of government debt and massive taxpayer-funded bailouts, the U.S. will soon make China look like a manipulation piker. Memo to Graham and his ilk: Your economy has lost any moral high ground as it drags the world down with it. That will be even truer as the dollar eventually pays the price for ultra-loose monetary and fiscal policies. And it will. Sure, China manipulates the yuan. Everyone knows that,

GATA Dispatches: "Obama's Wall Street ties doom bank rescue, Stiglitz says"

Submitted by cpowell on 08:41PM ET Thursday, April 16, 2009. Section: Daily Dispatches By Michael McKee and Matthew BenjaminBloomberg NewsThursday, April 16, 2009 ...NEW YORK -- The Obama administration's plan to fix the U.S. banking system is destined to fail because the programs have been designed to help Wall Street rather than create a viable financial system, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz said. "All the ingredients they have so far are weak, and there are several missing ingredients," Stiglitz said in an interview. The people who designed the plans are "either in the pocket of the banks or they're incompetent." The Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, isn't large enough to recapitalize the banking system, and the administration hasn't been direct in addressing that shortfall, he said. Stiglitz said there are conflicts of interest at the White Hous

Is the S&P 500 running out of gas?

After a spectacular rally from the lows seen last month, the S&P appears to be running into overhead resistance. Is this the pause that refreshes, or is this the pause that reverses the market back towards the lows? I have said for some time that I was not that confident that this rally would continue as our long-term “Trade Triangle” remained in a negative mode. In my new video I outline the key areas that I believe will shape this market in the coming weeks and months. The video features our “Trade Triangle” technology as well as our Fibonacci tools. I will also remind you of a concept that has been around for a while, but one that you might not be aware of: no matter what happens, you are going to see some extraordinary markets and some wonderful opportunities to make mone y in the next 6-9 months. Some investors may be hoping for the best, but be prepared as we might see another dive.I highly recommend students of the market to take a few minutes and watch my lates Alerts.:" The Biggest risk to your Business"

The Biggest Risks To your business And how to minimize them in a bad economy. To read full Story please click HERE Alerts: "6 Companies to get $ 9.9 B under US mortgage Programme"

Associated Press 6 companies to get $9.9B under US mortgage programBy MARTIN CRUTSINGER and ALAN ZIBEL , 04.15.09, 05:51 PM EDT . To read full coverage of story click HERE

GATA Dispatches"Ambrose Evans-Pritcher: A copper standard for world currency?°

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: A 'copper standard' for world currency? Submitted by cpowell on 02:32PM ET Wednesday, April 15, 2009. Section: Daily Dispatches By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard The Telegraph, LondonWednesday, April 15,2009 : ...Hard-money enthusiasts have long watched for signs that China is switching its foreign reserves from US Treasury bonds into gold bullion. They may have been eyeing the wrong metal. China's State Reserves Bureau (SRB) has instead been buying copper and other industrial metals over recent months on a scale that appears to go beyond the usual rebuilding of stocks for commercial reasons. Nobu Su, head of Taiwan's TMT group, which ships commodities to China, said Beijing is trying to extricate itself from dollar dependency as fast as it can. "China has woken up. The West is a black hole with all this money being printed. The Chinese are buying raw materials because it "Comment" - Opinion Uncertainty bedevils the best system Apr 14 2009 23:50 The Future of Capitalism: Unfortunately, there is still no wide understanding among the public of the benefits that can fairly be credited to capitalism and why these benefits have costs. This has left capitalism vulnerable to opponents and to ignorance within the system. Regaining a well-functioning capitalism will require re-education and deep reform, writes Edmund Phelps Read more » .

Charts that talk can help improve your trading

If you’re short on time, but still need to know exactly what the chart is saying, I recommend you watch the video below on a new Talking C hart HERE . A patent is pending on this technology and the users of the Talking Charts have flooded the company with emails and phone calls o f praise. The technology reads and analyzes the details of the chart, then dictates the analysis right to you. As an added bonus you’ll hear from 3 different HUMAN voices! No robots here. Just great chart analysis to go along with very powerful charts. Watch the video below without registration or obligation, just information: Please click HERE . Fernando Guzmán Cavero Alerts: "Wall Street set for modestly lower open"

To read full story , click HERE

From The Desk Of Nick Nicolaas: "Crisis & Opportunity"

CRISIS & OPPORTUNITY Preamble to Analysis of Martin Armstrong's Turnaround Dateof April 20, 2009 There is a huge demand for financial knowledge and we are now in an information bull market. In fact, we are being bombarded and overloaded with financial information. At the risk of adding to this prevalent information overload, this FDNN letter will, once again, give you our view of “what may the future bring”. Yes friends, I said may and not will, because with so much interference in the markets by governments worldwide, it has become nearly impossible to try and even remotely predict what the future may bring but - - we will try. All of this government interference is in plain view for all of us, who are paying attention, to see. Plus there also is government interference by stealth and therefore not in plain view. Yes indeed, this is a turbulent time to be writing. The disappearance of liquidity in the markets is of great concern to us and consequently, we expect to see record

How High Can Apple Go

In this short video, I will take a look at Apple, Inc (NYSE_AAPL). I have to admit I love Apple products. I have an iPhone, an iMac and an iPod touch and several other Mac add-ons. I have always loved their products, but I tend to be fickle with the stock. Thanks to our “Trade Triangle” technology, I have fallen in love all over again with Apple’s stock. I had been looking for this market to move lower based on the economic conditions and the market action, however this proved to be a false indication as Apple has moved to its best levels in quite some time. I’ve just finished a new video on Apple, my first video on Apple in a while. Take a look and I’ll give you my thoughts and target zones for this very exciting stock. The world has changed, it is not a buy and hold market anymore. You need to be nimble, trade with a game plan and be disciplined. Those are the key mantras of a successful trader. As always, this video is with our compliments and there is no need to register to watch

GATA Dispatches:"Roundabout Bailout: Fed Pumps Foreign Currency Into U.S. Banks

And... the manipulation continues !!!! with Pumps, Dumbs, and Bumps.... Where do you want to go? or maybe... How far do you want to take us...? The main problem you, World Leaders, have to do is: " THE REVOLUTION OF MORAL PRINCIPLES" ::::Obviously not linked to any fundamentalist conception... but of course , and necessarily it is needed to remove the seed. And you guys know ... ¿What?... no! no! no! .... do not let us think you are not smart enough... as the Bumps, Dumbs or do PUMPS to going nowhere. NO! NO! NO! You do not want to be called in such a manner. DO YOU?.. If Ethics is defined, as the reflection of the morale , well, go ahead and read about it... Your well paid advisers, with taxpayers money , I am sure can tell you about it. Or, nowadays, with Internet and thanks to it,just make a search... and you will find the honest,sinners and unscrupul ous philosophers... How many of you are ready to start the search... If you are so tired to do it... I make you a bet...

Is the British Pound Making a Reversal?

We haven’t looked at the British Pound (GBP) lately, as it has been in its major swing to the downside. The question is, is the British pound ready for a comeback? In our new video, I delve into the depths of the British Pound, and take you step-by-step into my thought process and why we’re looking at this market right now. Whether you’re a newbie or experienced trader, I believe you will benefit from this video. In the video we give you specific levels that I’m watching, and target levels that we expect the British Pound could achieve if it breaks over one key psychological level. As always this video is with our compliments and there is no need to register to watch. Just make a click HERE Fernando Guzmán Cavero

The Fibonacci tool fully explained in this video

You may have heard about Fibonacci, the man who discovered a set of numbers who that have a major affect on the market. So who is this Fibonacci fellow, and why are his findings so important in the market place? The mathematical findings by this thirteenth century Italian man has yielded a useful technical analysis tool which is used in technical analysis and by scientists in a large array of fields. Born Leonardo of Piza, he is better known in the trading community as Fibonacci. Fibonacci’s best known work is Liber Abaci which is generally credited as having introduced the Arabic number system which we use today. Fibonacci introduced a number sequence in Liber Abaci which is said to be a reflection of human nature. The series is as follows: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 and on to infinity. The series is derived by adding each number to the previous. For example, 1+1=2 , 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 5+3=8, 8+5=13, and so on. I use the Fibonacci series mainly for retracements (see tod

Double Tops and Pivot Points Explained

This week, I want to share with you a chart pattern that the pro’s use everyday to great effect. The chart pattern we will be looking at, is one of my favorites as it has a high reliability factor. The chart pattern in this short video is well known inside the professional trading community. However, outside of the pro circle it seems to be shrouded in mystery. In this new 3 minute video, I peel away the layers of mystery and show you step-by-step how you can personally benefit from this chart pattern that occurs in all time frames. What’s amazing to me about this chart pattern, is the fact that after over 3 decades of real world trading, it continues to repeat itself . To view the video of Adam Hewison , click HERE

FT.Com : Markets

The Financial Times gives us its daily articles on markets. o read full coverage Click HERE Alerts:"Final Glance: Finance companies"

According to Associated Press:Shares of some top finance companies were mixed at the close of trading. To read full coverage , click HERE

GATA Dispatches: "Ted Butler : A simple decision about Silver"

Submitted by cpowell on 11:40AM ET Tuesday, April 7, 2009. Section: Daily Dispatches 2:40p ET Tuesday, April 7, 2009Dear Friend of GATA and Gold (and Silver):Silver market analyst Ted Butler writes in commentary posted today at GoldSeek's companion site, SilverSeek, that if you think silver trades in a free market, you shouldn't be buying it, and that if you realize that the silver market in manipulated, you should avoid buying it on margin. Butler's commentary is headlined "A Simple Decision" and you can find it at SilverSeek here: CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/TreasurerGold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc. * * *Help keep GATA goingGATA is a civil rights and educational organization based in the United States and tax-exempt under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Its e-mail dispatches are free, and you can subscribe at : To contribute to GATA, please visit: Contact GATA

New Dollar Yen Relationship Revealed

I have to admit, I love trading Forex. It’s one of the most exciting and most profitable markets in the world. In today’s short educational trading video on the dollar/yen (usd/jpy), I explain step-by-step how to analyze the dollar and its relationship to the Yen. I will also show you exactly what I think is happening right now in this relationship. Watch the video and see specific target zones where I think this cross is headed in the future. Watch it with our compliments. You do not have to register to watch the video. To view the video, please click HERE If you have time, let us know what you think on our blog. All the best, Adam Hewison President, Co-creator, MarketClub