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Morgan Chase Banker Warns Against Interference in Markets

GATA'S report on interference Markets . To read the complete dispatch, please click the following link:

Fibonacci Retracement Tools

Adam Hewison sends us his lates video : Today we are exploring the relationship between the Euro and the Dollar (EURUSD). In this short video, which we are making available without cost or registration, you’ll catch a glimpse of a conservative way to trade the Forex markets. This approach will detach you from your computer screen and show you how to enjoy your free time without having to worry about the markets. I would not recommend this movie if you are risk adverse. Trading in Forex, the futures markets, and in any market for that matter always has an element of risk. This video is 100% educational and covers two hot topics: Gold and the Fibonacci Retracement tool. You should take a look and determine if your audience would benefit from watching it.Please watch it