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Politics: China and America are Borrowing Each Other's Weapons by the Economist.

 Source: 5-6 minutes Try this for size China and America are borrowing each other’s weapons They may be less effective than they were in the original owner’s hands A MERICAN AND Chinese officials often talk of expanding the array of weapons they have to confront one another. China studies its opponent’s moves and responds in kind. America is learning from its adversary, too. On June 12th the White House said that America and members of the G 7 would launch a scheme to help finance infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, in poor countries. The plan, dubbed Build Back Better World ( B 3 W ), is an explicit counter to China’s Belt and Road Initiative ( BRI ), a programme that began to take shape in 2013 with many of the same goals. Listen to this story Enjoy more audio and podcasts on iOS or Android . Competition with China has dominated Joe Biden’s agenda since he took over as America’s president in January.
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ACA Is Here To Stay, Obama Says by The Guardian.

Source: Obama says ACA ‘is here to stay’ after supreme court dismisses Republican challenge – live Amanda Holpuch 17-21 minutes 6.52pm BST 18:52 Obamacare "is here to stay" - Obama Joanna Walters Barack Obama has tweeted in celebration of yet another upholding by the US supreme court of his signature legislative achievement, the Affordable Care Act, which even the former president also came to affectionately call “Obamacare”. The 44th Potus of the decision this morning, with the 7-2 vote on the bench, that: “This ruling reaffirms what we have long known to be true: The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.” Barack Obama (@BarackObama
 Source: CMI Spot Prices as of close of trading in New York   Thursday, June 17, 2021       GOLD   TODAY   $1,777.00 CHANGE   - $82.96 WEEK AGO   $1,893.92 MONTH AGO   $1,815.35 YEAR AGO   $1,725.68 SILVER   TODAY   $25.86 CHANGE   - $1.88 WEEK AGO   $27.89 MONTH AGO   $27.31 YEAR AGO   $17.91 PLATINUM   TODAY   $1,053.00 CHANGE   - $92.76 WEEK AGO   $1,149.50 MONTH AGO   $1,255.35 YEAR AGO   $851.90 PALLADIUM   TODAY   $2,528.50 CHANGE   - $311.01 WEEK AGO   $2,767.00 MONTH AGO   $2,941.55 YEAR AGO   $1,987.26 GOLD/SILVER RATIO   68.72  

ETF to turn to as Fed sets Stock Market Up by MarketWatch

 Source : By Mark DeCambre GameStop comes to the iShares Russell 1000 ETF as rebalancing approaches next week MarketWatch illustration/iStockphoto It is time to talk about talking about ETFs.  Yes that’s a riff off what Federal Reserve chair, Jerome Powell, said about the central bank slowing bond purchases, as it’s just not possible to ignore the impact of Wednesday’s move by the Fed to start negotiating the fraught process of peeling back its easy-money policies, while dealing with the economic recovery from the global epidemic. We won’t bore you with the particulars, but the Fed might hike interest rates earlier than expected, penciling in two rate increases in 2023. You can read about what Chairman Jerome Powell  said  and did  here  and the market’s reaction  here  and  here  and  here , and the Fed’s view on interest rates  here  and on  inflation . But what does all that mean for exchange-traded funds? That’s what we’ll aim to tackle this week. We will also look

Biggest Moves Midday: The Honest Company, Kroger, Nvidia & More

Source: Tanaya Macheel 3-4 minutes __________________________________________________________________________________ CureVac — Shares of the German biopharmaceutical company continued to fall after it released primary efficacy results Wednesday for its Covid-19 vaccine candidate, which demonstrated an interim efficacy of just 47% . The stock is trading down about 40% midday. Novavax — After CureVac reported disappointing results from a study of its Covid-19 vaccine, shares of Novavax added 2%. Novavax on Monday  said its Covid vaccine is 90% effective . The Honest Company — The Honest Company's stock dropped 9% following the baby and beauty store's first earnings report. The company reported first-quarter revenue of $81.0 million compared with analysts' estimate of $79.3 million, according to Refinitiv.  Guggenheim downgraded the stock  to neutral from buy. "Although we remain positive on the underlying fundame