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Opinion: Market Analysts Can't Agree on Where Stocks are going next. So Double-Check The Data Before You Buy or Sell.

 Sorce: Mark Hulbert 4-5 minutes It’s an urgent question, since the Citigroup Economic Surprise Index (CESI) has been negative for two months now, following an unbroken positive stretch for more than a year. The CESI measures the extent to which the latest economic news deviates from the Wall Street consensus. The past two months of consistently negative CESI readings therefore mean that the economic news, on balance, has been worse than expected. Is it good news or bad for stock investors that recent U.S. economic news releases have been significantly worse than expected? The latest reading from the Citigroup Economic Surprise Index (CESI) is minus 29.2. Just 10 days ago it was even more negative, at minus 61.7. Its average over the last 18 years is 4.6.
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SEC Press Release: SEC Charges Two Companies and Their Principals with Misleading Investors in More Than a Dozen Oil and Gas Securities Offerings

 Source: 3-4 minutes Washington D.C., Sept. 24, 2021 — The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged Thomas Powell and Stefan Toth, and their entities, Resolute Capital Partners LTD LLC and Homebound Resources LLC, with making material misrepresentations and omissions in connection with more than a dozen unregistered oil and gas securities offerings. Powell and Toth were also charged with acting as unregistered brokers. All respondents have agreed to settle the SEC action. According to the SEC's order, between 2016 and 2019, the respondents and salespeople acting on their behalf sold debt and equity securities to retail investors in unregistered offerings based on working interests in oil and gas wells. The order finds that the respondents made material misstatements and omitted material facts in both debt and equity offerings. In particular, the respondents provided insufficiently supported p

UK Policy News: Boris Johnson Ordered a Rapid Fix On Friday to Prevent The Crisis to Escalate, Allowing Truck Drivers Back Into the UK.

Source: Rowena Mason 6-8 minutes Ministers are poised to agree an extraordinary post-Brexit U-turn that would allow foreign lorry drivers back into the UK to stave off shortages threatening fuel and food supplies. Boris Johnson ordered a rapid fix on Friday to prevent the crisis escalating. Ministers met in an attempt to agree a short-term visa scheme permitting potentially thousands more lorry drivers from abroad to come to the UK. The prime minister is understood to have weighed in to demand a compromise from his warring cabinet, which was split over the issue , after scenes of chaotic queues at some petrol stations and warnings from suppliers that the shortage of fuel on forecourts could worsen. On Friday night, forecourt operator EG Group said it would introduce a limit of £30 worth of fuel per customer. The shortage of up 100,000 heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers – exacerbated by the pandemic and B

News on Huawei's Executive Freed From House Arrest: A Chinese technology executive held in Canada on US fraud charges has been freed from house arrest.

 Source: BBC News 5-7 minutes image source, Getty Images image captionMs Meng was seen smiling as she left her home in Vancouver on Friday A Chinese technology executive held in Canada on US fraud charges has been freed from house arrest, after years of diplomatic tensions over her fate. Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei, was detained on fraud charges in December 2018 at the request of the US. But a deal agreed with the US Department of Justice saw an extradition request dropped on Friday. The case infuriated China and strained relations with the US and Canada. It also prompted accusations that China had detained Canadian citizens in retaliation, which China denied. "My life has been turned upside down. It was a disruptive time for me," Ms Meng told reporters after being freed from Canadian detention. "Every cloud has a silver lining," she continued, adding: "I will never forget

FTC Requires Public Comment: FTC Requests Public Comment on DTE Energy Company’s Application to Modify Final Order Settling Competition Concerns Related to Natural Gas Joint Venture

Source: 2-3 minutes The Federal Trade Commission is seeking public comment on a petition by DTE Energy Company  to reopen and modify the FTC’s 2019 order , which remedied the agency’s concerns that NEXUS Gas Transmission, LLC, a natural gas joint venture formerly between DTE Energy Company and Enbridge Inc., would likely harm competition to provide natural gas pipeline transportation in a three-county area of Ohio. The FTC’s complaint alleged that Nexus’s purchase of Generation Pipeline LLC from North Coast Gas Transmission LLC and several other owners was anticompetitive due to a non-compete clause that kept North Coast from competing to provide natural gas pipeline transportation, for three years after the acquisition closes, in parts of the Ohio counties of Lucas, Ottawa, and Wood. The final order required the parties to remove the non-compete clause from the sales agreement and prohibited Nexus, DTE, and Enbridge from participa

Cryptocurrencies Latest News: China’s crypto ban has almost achieved a ‘meme-like status,’ but here are the lingering impacts.

 Source: Frances Yue 4-5 minutes Your browser does not support the audio tag. This feature is powered by text-to-speech technology. Want to see it on more articles? Give your feedback below or email . China has intensified its crackdown on cryptocurrencies, as the country’s central bank, securities regulators and supreme court on Friday declared all crypto-related transactions illegal.   Though the world’s second largest economy has been rolling out different measures to constrain crypto trading and mining since 2013, the latest crackdown is by far the most harsh and comprehensive one, industry experts said.  As China continues to tighten its capital control, the regulators “have gotten smarter and more educated,” Chris Matta, president of crypto fund 3iQ BTCQ, -5.45% Digital Assets told MarketWatch in a phone inte